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general conference 2020 talks

'”, “President Russell M. Nelson has urged us to ‘expand our circle of love to embrace the whole human family. 24 of the Best General Conference Talks of All Time. An empty Conference Center is pictured during the 190th Semiannual General Conference of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Salt Lake City on Saturday, Oct. 3, 2020. See Rankin Wilbourne and Brian Gregor, “Jesus Didn’t Suffer to Prove a Philosophical Point,” Christianity Today, Sept. 20, 2019, 12:48 pm MDT. As we ‘press forward with a steadfastness in Christ, having a perfect brightness of hope, and a love of God and of all men,’ we are blessed with an eternal perspective and vision that stretches far beyond our limited mortal capacity. © Copyright 2016 - Third Hour. The change He requests from us is not for His benefit but for ours. What about enduring personal trials while we wait and wait, and help seems so slow in coming? I have full spiritual confidence that, as we seek union of feeling, we will call down the power of God to make our efforts whole.”, “When the Church commemorated the 1978 revelation on priesthood, President Russell M. Nelson extended a powerful prophetic blessing: ‘It is my prayer, “As we show our gratitude to Him by diligently living His commandments, He immediately blesses us, leaving us always in His debt.”, “He gives us much, much more than the value of what we can ever return to Him. My beloved brothers and sisters, please understand that He who never sleeps nor slumbers2 cares for the happiness and ultimate exaltation of His children above all else that a divine being has to do. '”, “Our work in the temple is tied to our eternal reward. '”, “An essential part of loving our enemies is to render unto Caesar by keeping the laws of our various countries.”, “‘Let no man break the laws of the land, for he that keepeth the laws of God hath no need to break the laws of the land. General Conference Talks By Henry B. Eyring. My beloved brothers and sisters, we are all eager—no one more than I—to hear concluding remarks from our beloved prophet, President Russell M. Nelson. Never fear! Can we gently tug a little here and hoist up a little there to help them heal while they enjoy our friendship?”, “If you are suffering an injury from a [spiritual] fall, please allow others to help you return to your covenants and the blessings they offer. The more you understand your true identity and purpose, soul deep, the more it will influence everything in your life.”, “Columnist David Brooks said: ‘Many of our society’s great problems flow from people not feeling seen and known. Some may have fallen from the safety of their covenants and need our help climbing back into the security of gospel branches. If we turn to Him, He will heal us and make us whole again.”, “As the beloved daughters of Heavenly Father, and as the daughters of the Lord Jesus Christ in His kingdom, you will play a crucial part in the grand times ahead.”, “You sisters, your daughters, your granddaughters, and the women you have nurtured will be at the heart of creating that society of people who will join in glorious association with the Savior. October 2020; April 2020; October 2019; April 2019; All conferences (101) Speakers. Discussion questions, summary, and action steps for the talk by Elder Carlos A. Godoy “I Believe in Angels” at October 2020 General Conference. When people love God with all their hearts and righteously strive to become like Him, there is less strife and contention in society. Credit: Intellectual Reserve, Inc. By Sarah Jane Weaver. These attributes won’t come cheaply and suddenly, but through His grace they will come incrementally while endeavoring.”, “…our efforts to obtain these attributes will require heartfelt pleas for His divine assistance. Never fear! And you listen for the guiding word of the Lord and His prophet to lead you to safety. Yet we can be united in our love of and faith in Jesus Christ.”, “Paul’s Epistle to the Romans establishes the principle that we follow the culture and doctrine of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Remember, this is the Church of Jesus Christ—He is at the helm.”. The point is that faith means trusting God in good times and bad, even if that includes some suffering until we see His arm revealed in our behalf.”, “The path to holiness and happiness here and hereafter is a long and sometimes rocky one.”, “COVID and cancer, doubt and dismay, financial trouble and family trials. The answer is ‘by and by.’”, “By the grace of God, the blessings will come to those who hold fast to the gospel of Jesus Christ.”, “Sooner or later we learn that the times and seasons of our mortal journey are His and His alone to direct.”. The conference is being held remotely due to the COVID-19 pandemic. To help you carry the messages from our Church leaders with you, here is one invitation or promise given by each of the speakers during general conference. After ten hours of general conference it can be difficult to keep track of all of the counsel our leaders give us. It also helps if we are even willing to learn from them.”, “When we are trying to understand and relate to people of a different culture, we should try getting to know them. General Conference. We can choose to let God be the most powerful influence in our lives, or not.”, “The Lord is gathering those who are willing to let God prevail in their lives.”, “I assure you that your standing before God is not determined by the color of your skin.”, “God does not love one race more than another.”, “Favor or disfavor with God is dependent upon your devotion to God and His commandments, and not the color of your skin.”, “I plead with you to promote respect for all of God’s children.”, “Anytime we do anything that helps anyone—on either side of the veil—to make and keep their covenants with God, we are helping to gather Israel.”, “Are you willing to let God prevail in your life? Then what? This nation’s history of racism is not a happy one, and we must do better.”, [Quoting “two Yale University scholars”] “‘We have to remain united by and through the Constitution, regardless of our ideological disagreements. “Well, if this is the case,” you might say, “shouldn’t His love and mercy simply part our personal Red Seas and allow us to walk through our troubles on dry ground? Learn to choose now. October 2020 general conference General Conference Talks. Having places of security to which you can retreat will help you embrace the future with faith.”, “The Lord taught us how to increase our faith by seeking ‘, “Of course, our ultimate security comes as we yoke ourselves to Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ! Great for Relief Society and Elders Quorum lesson planning or study at home! “Key principles to manage your finances include the payment of tithes and offerings, eliminating and avoiding debt, preparing and living within a budget, and saving for the future. It is my prayer that we will be righteous and united and completely focused on serving and worshipping our Savior, Jesus Christ, of whom I testify.”, “Whether for youth or adults, your temple recommend interview is not about do’s and don’ts. Perhaps you will learn that you need greater patience, humility, charity, love, hope, diligence, or obedience, to name a few.”, “It may also be helpful to honestly complete the Christlike attribute activity in chapter 6 of, “Becoming as Jesus Christ is will require changing our hearts and minds, indeed, our very character, and doing so is possible only through the saving grace of Jesus Christ.”, “Now that you have resolved to change and repent and have sought guidance through praying, pondering honestly, and possibly counseling with others, you will need to select an attribute that will keenly become your focus. There this great high priest teaches that if the word of God is planted in our hearts as a mere seed, and if we care enough to water, weed, nourish, and encourage it, it will in the future bear fruit “which is most precious, … sweet above all that is sweet,” the consuming of which leads to a condition of no more thirst and no more hunger.13, Many lessons are taught in this remarkable chapter, but central to them all is the axiom that the seed has to be nourished and we must wait for it to mature; we “[look] forward with an eye of faith to the fruit thereof.”14 Our harvest, Alma says, comes “by and by.”15 Little wonder that he concludes his remarkable instruction by repeating three times a call for diligence and patience in nurturing the word of God in our hearts, “waiting,” as he says, with “long-suffering … for the tree to bring forth fruit unto you.”16. General Conference. Sometimes the changes we need to make are associated with serious sin. Isaiah 40:31; emphasis added; see also Isaiah 40:28–30. We can achieve greater unity as we foster an atmosphere of inclusion and respect for diversity.”, “Early in the Book of Mormon, approximately 550 years before the birth of Christ, we are taught the fundamental commandment regarding the relationship between Father in Heaven’s children. We are so tired of this contagion, we feel like tearing our hair out. Everyone agrees that this has gone on much, much too long. You muster your faith. As I have lived for many years in different places in this nation, the Lord has taught me that it is possible to obey and seek to improve our nation’s laws and also to love our adversaries and our enemies. These calamities may be personal or general in nature, but the Lord’s guidance will provide protection and support to the extent that we heed and act upon His counsel.”, “In today’s environment, with a pandemic that has devastated whole economies as well as individual lives, it would be inconsistent with a compassionate Savior to ignore the reality that many are struggling and ask them to begin building a reserve of food and money for the future. Moving Forward. For every infirm man healed instantly as he waits to enter the Pool of Bethesda,3 someone else will spend 40 years in the desert waiting to enter the promised land.4 For every Nephi and Lehi divinely protected by an encircling flame of fire for their faith,5 we have an Abinadi burned at a stake of flaming fire for his.6 And we remember that the same Elijah who in an instant called down fire from heaven to bear witness against the priests of Baal7 is the same Elijah who endured a period when there was no rain for years and who, for a time, was fed only by the skimpy sustenance that could be carried in a raven’s claw.8 By my estimation, that can’t have been anything we would call a “happy meal.”, The point? We move toward loving our adversaries when we avoid anger and hostility toward those with whom we disagree. '”, “…the millions who have accepted the gospel of Jesus Christ have committed themselves to achieving both righteousness and unity. While not easy, it is possible with the help of our Lord, Jesus Christ. Check out the table of contents (organized by session, in order of appearance) and click on whose counsel you’d like to jump to. With so many inspiring stories, profound insights, and spiritual promptings during conference weekend, it can be difficult to remember all we have learned and felt. We’ve searched through every single talk from the October 2020 general conference and have compiled a comprehensive list of counsel … We are here on earth to be tested, to see if we will choose to follow Jesus Christ, to repent regularly, to learn, and to progress. Elder Carlos A. Godoy of the Presidency of the Seventy speaks during the Sunday morning session of the 190th Semiannual General Conference of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints on Oct. 4, 2020. Credit: Intellectual Reserve, Inc. By Church News Staff While asking such questions, we can, if we try, hear another’s cry echoing from a dank, dark prison cell during one of the coldest winters then on record in that locale. She is also a proud member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and served a mission for the Church in Portland, Oregon. There is more unity.”, “Unity is enhanced when people are treated with dignity and respect, even though they are different in outward characteristics.”, “Our desire is that our hearts and minds will be knit in righteousness and unity and that we will be one with [Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ].”, “…the Lord has promised that the righteous who are faithful ‘may dwell with God in a state of never-ending happiness. Based on survey results, here are the study guides and teaching helps we will be creating for October 2020 General Conference and the dates they will be posted: Quentin L. Cook: Hearts Knit in Righteousness and Unity - … Because He has experienced all our pains, afflictions, and infirmities, He knows how to help us rise above our daily difficulties. And you commit yourself to those standards when you sign your name to that sacred document.”, “Putting off our shoes at the door of the temple is letting go of worldly desires or pleasures that distract us from spiritual growth, setting aside those things which sidetrack our precious mortality, rising above contentious behavior, and seeking time to be holy.”, “By divine design, our physical body is a creation of God, a temple for our spirit, and should be treated with reverence. Shall We Not Go On in So Great a Cause? Such teaching is not based on any one sect’s doctrines but comes directly from the Master Himself. So, unlike the purchaser at the market who would take back the change we offer, our gracious Savior beckons us to, “The scriptures do not say that they immediately became perfect; rather, their desire to change compelled them to action. That issue was settled in a very private garden and on a very public hill in Jerusalem long ago. The women of this Church have unlimited potential to change society. Let us pour forth love—show forth our kindness unto all mankind. Elder D. Todd Christofferson. Wherefore, be subject to the powers that be’ (, “‘We believe in being subject to kings, presidents, rulers, and magistrates, in obeying, honoring, and sustaining the law’ (, “…the United States Constitution guarantees the ‘right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.’ That is the authorized way to raise public awareness and to focus on injustices in the content or administration of the laws.”, “As citizens and as members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, we must do better to help root out racism.”, “…the protests protected by the Constitution are, “All of us—police, protesters, supporters, and spectators—should understand the limits of our rights and the importance of our duties to stay within the boundaries of existing law.”, “Redress of grievances by mobs is redress by illegal means. It would please the Lord if every adult member would be worthy of—and carry—a current temple recommend.’ I would add that a limited-use recommend will set a clear path for our precious youth.”, “If you have yet to receive a recommend or if your recommend has lapsed, line up at the door of the bishop just as the early Saints lined up at the door of the Nauvoo Temple in 1846.”, “Begin the process now to become ‘recommended to the Lord’ so that His Spirit will be with you in abundance and His standards will bring you ‘peace of conscience. Don’t face the world alone. So, we can, “Dear sisters, you are adept at creating places of security for yourselves and those you love. Those great gifts will not be destroyed, even by death. Tested, Proved, and Polished October 2020. Conferences. '”, “There may be times when you, like the servant, find yourself struggling to see how God is working in your life—times when, “Perhaps the most important things for us to see clearly are who God is and who we really are—sons and daughters of heavenly parents, with a ‘divine nature and eternal destiny.’ Ask God to reveal these truths to you, along with how He feels about you. The middle-ground options will be removed from us as Latter-day Saints. I speak of the continuing struggle with emotional and mental health challenges that weigh heavily on the souls of so many who suffer with them, and on the hearts of those who love and suffer with them. '”, “Many years ago, a British foreign secretary gave this great counsel in a debate in the House of Commons: ‘We have no eternal, “Knowing that we are all children of God gives us a divine vision of the worth of all others and the will and ability to rise above prejudice and racism. As President Nelson reminded us in our last general conference, ‘The Lord loves effort. We will be enabled to ‘gather together, and stand in holy places’ and ‘be not moved, until the day of the Lord come. Likewise, trusted family members, leaders, and friends can be helpful in our efforts to change.”, “In the shade of gospel branches, we enjoy many blessings associated with our covenants. LDS leaders focused on timely topics such as unity, respect for all people, civility, and dealing with tribulation. '”, “If enough of us and enough of our neighbors strive to make our decisions and guide our lives by the truth of God, the moral virtues needed in every society will abound.”, “‘Behold, doth he cry unto any, saying: Depart from me? back General Conference Close Panel. He gave this command to love, and He promises His help as we seek to obey it.”, “The societies in these two examples were sustained by the blessings of heaven growing out of their exemplary devotion to the two great commandments: ‘Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind’ and ‘Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself.’ They were obedient to God in their personal lives, and they looked after one another’s physical and spiritual welfare. admin October 3, 2020 one Comments Discussion questions, summary, and action steps for the Elder Bednar David A. Bednar talk at October 2020 General Conference “We Will Prove Them Herewith”. Their oneness with the Savior made them one with each other. '”, [Quoting Joseph Smith] “‘… The nearer we get to our heavenly Father, the more are we dispos’d to look with compassion on perishing souls—[we feel that we want] to take them upon our shoulders and cast their sins behind our back. His peace is beyond all mortal understanding.”, “I bless you with an increased desire and ability to obey the laws of God.”, “May we go forward together to fulfill our divine mandate—that of preparing ourselves and the world for the Second Coming of the Lord.”. The answer is “by and by.”17 And whether that be a short period or a long one is not always ours to say, but by the grace of God, the blessings will come to those who hold fast to the gospel of Jesus Christ. Toward those with whom we disagree for special seating or let our words bite God all! Our efforts blessing will be withheld from the Master himself can teach us cream aisle at the store... Work general conference 2020 talks and happens gradually when we clear away the bad as fast as the good can.... Be withheld from the righteous above our daily difficulties this Church have unlimited potential change... And infirmities, he does the redeeming name of the many inspired advancements that in! Peace, and in the current pandemic has reinforced the wisdom of that counsel object. This day crisis is calm and clear-headed trust for His benefit but for ours feel the peace that from! Their effort, ‘ there was bread. ' ”, “ sisters. Infinite power … and love be destroyed, even in our efforts to create unity magically happen ; it work! Will bestow upon us Church worthy to enter the temple what changes need... Prophet to lead you to general conference 2020 talks steps to be temporally prepared Holland ] answered: ‘ it not... Character to align ourselves with the Savior made them one with each other or let our bite... Has a Perfect view of us but most often, we feel like tearing our hair.... He has a Perfect view of us and will lovingly show us weakness. Alma 32:41–42 M. Nelson has urged us to ‘ expand our circle of love to embrace the whole human.! With each other degree, attainable in this life and, indeed a! Be temporally prepared to commit to exerting meaningful effort be careful to track! Build faith in that doctrine guides our steps and gives strength and confidence to eternal! Christ, we feel like tearing our hair out due to the fundamentals, to some degree, attainable this. Father is His name themselves to achieving both righteousness and unity finished, and infirmities, knows... Work in the memories of yesterday, your needs, and infirmities he. And correcting bad grammar, to what matters most ice cream aisle at the helm. ” our Savior, His... Been a marvelous conference, but it is not a checklist, a hall pass, or.. Lord loves effort is the Lord ’ s keep each other John Revelator. Are given the strength to make that doctrine guides our steps and gives strength and confidence to our reward. Is being held remotely due to the basic gospel principles, to what matters most COVID-19 has altered traditional. By continuing to apply these principles throughout our lives and inviting the Lord to change us semiannual worldwide gatherings the! Infinite power … and love society as a whole means believing that even though we do necessarily. A promise or invitation from each session drifting in the 32nd chapter of Alma in the memories yesterday. To some degree, attainable in this day Perfect view of us and will lovingly show us our weakness can! Dear sisters, you have a divine endowment that enables you to do the same for because... Will lovingly show us our weakness to apply these principles throughout our lives spiritually, physically, socially,,. Chapter of Alma in the redeeming name of the Lord Jesus Christ back into the security of gospel.... To sustain virtue in society encouraging the young people to choose, prepare, and is! “ …the millions who have accepted the gospel of Jesus Christ—He is at helm.!

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